Trust growth

The Benefits of Working in a Trust

As we know from our own experience, and from looking at the work of other Trusts, working in close working partnership with a group of schools brings about multiple benefits for everyone.

The most obvious benefits being:

  • Costs savings from sharing a central support team i.e. a finance team, an HR team
  • Cost savings from sharing staff, resources and facilities
  • On the spot support for schools; support on a day-to-day basis, i.e. cover assistance, help with school improvement planning, etc.
  • Sharing of expertise
  • Sharing of training
  • Time saving opportunities i.e. from join policy development

In addition, working in a close partnership brings additional peer to peer support, robust challenge and sparking of ideas, a network of support for leaders and staff at all levels, enhanced quality assurance mechanisms, the chance to easily learn from and share others excellent practice, enhanced research opportunities and much, much more.

Our growth offer:

The Rise Partnership Trust recognises that growth must serve for joining schools as well as the Trust. As such, we have a well-developed offer for schools considering joining the Trust, including:

  • Highly effective governance with a clear scheme of delegation
  • Access to highly effective policies and procedures, including robust financial management, compliance, scrutiny and audit policies and procedures to ensure financial regularity, effective use of resources and full compliance
  • Access to highly effective shared services & economies of scale, supported by a knowledgeable, highly qualified, well organised school improvement, quality assurance, finance, HR and site management central team
  • A ‘family’ of schools offering highly supportive networking and partnership working
  • An effective CPD, coaching and leadership programme for staff at all levels, to ensure excellent staff development for all
  • Quality assurance and school improvement services led by experts
  • A chance to generate income by offering school to school support.
  • Stability in a fast changing educational landscape.

Growth readiness:

As our Trust is looking to enter its next phase of growth we are preparing by:

  • Further developing a strategic plan which covers the next phases of Trust development
  • Enhancing the Trust’s Central Services in all the key areas, such as HR, Finance, IT and Facilities
  • Further developing the capacity of the Central Team
  • Enhancing the Trust’s offer, outreach and sustainable income through the creation of a therapy clinic as a trade subsidiary
  • Reviewing Trust branding/marketing opportunities (including developing websites)
  • Regularly liaising with Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) to investigate merger and sponsor opportunities (our ideal number of Trust schools being between 6 to 10 schools)
  • Considering free school opportunities to open new special schools
  • Engaging in local and national programmes to ensure our working practices at all levels are culturally diverse and ensure outstanding outcomes for all
  • Developing new partnerships and seek further opportunities to share our practice with others (within and outside of London).

Our Trust aims to grow sustainably and in harmony with its vision and values, and recognises the importance of cultural alignment.

In pursuing growth opportunities, our Trust will focus on schools that share its core principles. This, however, does not imply that new schools will lose their unique identity. On the contrary, they will retain their own personality as well as autonomy over the delivery of the curriculum, as exemplified by our commitment to the continuation of Local Academy Boards.

Click here to read our full Growth Plan.